Cedar Grilling Plank

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Use the Cedar Grilling Plank for BBQ'ing Salmon or meat and infuse it with a yummy cedar taste. What makes these grilling planks different is that the grated and bowl-ed area retains the natural juices that come out of the fish or meat while it's cooked. Keeping that juice helps keep your food from drying out and is yummy to put over rice or potatoes.

To use the plank, soak it in water for twenty minutes, place the salmon with skin down or the meat on either side on the grated or bowl-ed area, grill it until the fish is flaky or your meat is cooked to your preference. Afterwards, soak the plank for 20 minutes in water and leave it to dry on a dish towel. Then you can reuse it. They come individually, or like in this picture as a pack of two.