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Alyssa London_Founder

Alyssa London founded Culture Story in 2014 to create a platform to sell products that serve as a means to tell stories about cultures. Deeply passionate about the concept of  identity and how it is formed, she sought to explore her own Alaska Native and European heritage and help others answer the question of "Who am I" for themselves. She believes that by combating identity issues it can reduce systemic societal issues that she has seen as pervasive in her own community such as mental health, poverty, and alcoholism. 

With an interest in art, media and culture her brand integrates rich media to tell the stories of the products sold on the platform. Having travelled to over 30 countries, Alyssa has seen that the human experience is universal, but has beautiful nuances as a result of the differences in cultures. She strives to bring people together by helping others understand the beauty of other cultures. 

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