Alaska Native Cedar Box

The product was inspired by the Bentwood Box and the cultural tradition of giving in Alaska Native culture. The copper over lay on the box was inspired by the use of this metal in Alaska Native culture to display status and wealth. 

The wood selected to make the box is old growth tight grain and kiln dried Alaskan Red Cedar. Each piece is unique as no two pieces of cedar lumber are the same. The cedar is up-cycled from discarded smaller pieces taken from larger cedar lumber projects (so less precious old-growth cedar is wasted). Having a old-growth cedar box is extra special because we will not have this precious resource forever. 

One reason to love the cedar box is because of the aroma of the cedar. It can inspire your mind to wander through the forests of the Northwest. 

The  production of this box with Clifton Guthrie's design is limited edition. To show each box's number in the production-run, the bottom of the box is numbered in Sm'algyax, Tsimshian language and English.  Each box also has the name of Clifton's design, Eagle