About Culture Story

Culture Story is a storytelling platform for art and culture to come together. Stemming from the question of what forms identity, our brand takes a deep look into how culture and heritage influence the answer to the very human question of "who am I?"

With a foundational focus on telling the stories of Alaska Native cultures, you can shop our website to buy items that are part of a rich history and learn about the culture and individual(s) the products come from. We offer one of a kind limited-edition items that bring you into the world that they come from. 

Our mission is to help people have a greater understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

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Southeast Alaska Native Giftbox

Southeast Alaska Native Giftbox

We call this product the, "Native Giftbox because of the common practice of exchanging gifts traditionally during a Potlatch. Today, people still frequently give gifts, and we believe the Southeast Alaska Native Giftbox makes for a beautiful one.

The copper over lay on the box was inspired by the use of this metal in Southeast Alaska Native culture to display status and wealth, typically in the form of a Tinaa. Alyssa chose to apply the design onto the boxes in a non-traditional way through copper plating to show the evolving nature and vitality of Alaska Native art and culture.

The cedar selected to make the box is sourced from Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. It is old growth clear grain lumber.

Each box is unique as no two pieces of cedar lumber are the same.  One reason to love the cedar box is because of the aroma of the cedar. It can inspire your mind to wander through the forests of the Southeast Alaska. 

This box was created in collaboration with Clifton J Guthrie who designed the formline of Alyssa's crest, Eagle-Killerwhale. Clifton named this design, Eagle Wings Over Dorsal Fin, or in Sm'algyax (Tsimshian language), ne’egm ‘neexł. 

$ 600.00