Inspiring pride in culture and heritage.

Mission + Vision

Culture Story’s mission is to create social impact/awareness through education and various products.

We are focused on:

1) Facilitating social impact by celebrating global cultural diversity”

2) Increasing cultural awareness and acceptance worldwide.

3) Empowering young girls to grow up feeling empowered and confident in who they are and where they come from. 

What is "Our Culture Story"

Our Culture Story is a media platform and product company. We share narratives about individual's identity and heritage. We work to showcase the rich stories about who an individual is culturally, and where they and their family come from. 

By telling the "culture stories" of individuals we are creating a community that has a better understanding of other people's cultures, and thus inspire greater acceptance of diversity in the world.

Inspiring Confidence in Girls. Empowering our Future Women.

When girls grow up playing with dolls that look like them and reflect their own culture; they feel more confident in who they are and where they come from. Confident girls grow up to be confident women. 


Amanda Kookesh

“It’s more than a doll, it’s another way we (as parents) can show our daughter how beautiful and unique she is. Our culture is so important to our family and these beautiful dolls are a great way for our daughter to learn and be proud of who she is and where she comes from in a respectful and fun way!”