Give the gift of Culture

Our Mission

Promote cross- cultural awareness and acceptance worldwide.

Meaningful Gifting

Culture Story is a gifting provider that offers products that are memorable and representative of cultures.

We operate with the belief that gift giving is more impactful and better received when it includes a story, and we recognize that each organization, region and individual has a Culture Story to tell.

Cultural Gifting

Design a Culture Box

"The Bering Straits Culture Box is awesome! The Board Members all made comments about how nice it is."

Lee Ryan, VP of Ryan Air, Inc. and Board Member of Bering Straits Regional Corporation

"Our Culture Boxes are GORGEOUS! Thank you!"

Miriam Aarons, Corporate Communications Director for Bering Straits Native Corporation

What is the return on investment of giving meaningful and cultural gifts?

Build relationships which causes reciprocity in business

Foster understanding between organizations

Memorable gifts help keep your organization top of mind

Great gifting helps with customer relationship management

The Importance of Storytelling

Cultural Earrings

Looking for a special gift? A pair of Killerwhale Fin Earrings is a great choice!